Audio Services

Music Recording

If you plan on doing your own mixing and mastering (or have someone else lined up for that portion of your project), we can assist you with our recording engineering service. Using our recording system and other equipment, we can provide you with unedited files for every instrument or vocal that can then be plugged into your digital editing software.

For our basic recording service, you get a dedicated recording engineer to control the recording board during your session(s). Our engineer will work to make sure you have the best set up for recording, including choosing the best microphones for your project, getting the microphones set up properly or providing options for direct input into the recording board.

Our base recording package starts at $35 per hour. If you have a larger project that you expect to take more than 10 hours of recording, please contact us about scheduling a multiple session package where we can offer reduced pricing.

Listen to a song recorded in our studio

Mixing & Mastering

If you would prefer to have us involved with your whole project, we'd love to work on the mixing and/or mastering portion of your project. Using our state of the art editing software, we can assist you from start to finish.

Or ... do you have existing audio files that you want assitance with for mixing and/or mastering? We can assist with any or all parts of your recording project.

Our mixing and mastering rates also start at $35 per hour..

If you'd like to be involved with us for your whole project, we'd be thrilled to give you a custom quote to get your the best price option that can take your recording project all the way from start to finish.

Listen to a song recorded, mixed and mastered in our studio

Advertising/Voice Overs

With two decades of television and radio broadcast experience, we can help provide your business with a full-service solution for radio advertisements.

From voice over recording, to assistance with writing your radio advertising script to helping you choose the best music for your project, we can help guide you along every step of the way.

Do your own voiceovers or have us do it for you ... either way using our state of the art equipment you will get a great sounding commercial to promote your business.

Our standard recording/mixing rate of $35 per hour applies for radio advertising/voiceover projects. Feel free to reach out to us with information on your project and, if you need multiple projects taken care of, we always are willing to work out a discounted multi-project rate. Send us an email at

Watch video with voiceover produced by 867 Studios

Listen to radio ad produced by 867 Studios